Our Services

Hi Definition Multi-track Recording

  • Up to 96 tracks of pristine HD quality recording with top of the line hardware, software and industry standard converters. Hear every nuance of your performance!


  • No matter what stage your song is in, we can help you complete it and bring it to a professional level that will stand above the rest. From songwriting, song structure, arrangement, instrumentation and performance, to melodic vocal arrangement, coaching and lyrics. Please visit the Testimonials page to hear some of our Artists' experiences.

Symphonic Arrangement

  • Violins, violas, cellos and double bass to woodwinds, brass, and orchestral percussion...we have the best sound libraries available to bring drama and emotion into your song. That and years of experience in arranging beautiful melodies and harmonies that will make you experience first hand that huge "at the symphony" sound.

Scoring for Film, Documentary, and TV

  • Music is one of the most important parts of TV and film. At The Fish Tank, we not only have the tools to record the music to your film, but the vision for writing the music and creating the sound that will perfectly draw the exact emotion you want to help get your video into the heart of your audience. Please visit the Film Scoring page to see samples of things we've done.


  • You only have one chance at a first impression from your listener. Why spend all that time and energy writing and recording your song to settle for a small and unpolished mix? After your individual tracks are recorded, they need to be balanced, compressed and equalized so that every part has it's own space and clarity. Having worked with some of the best mixing engineers in the country, we have the ability to give you that polished, clear and BIG sound that you want for your song to showcase to your family, friends and to THE WORLD!


  • Mastering is the final stage of your recording before release. From Hi-end hardware, to the latest software, we have the tools to give your recording flow, balance and loudness. You can realize your sonic vision and make your recording sound as full, warm, punchy, and clear as possible. We will guide you through every step of your project, and you will be truly amazed when you hear how incredible your music can sound.