lucio rubino  |  artist & producer

While a musician can often be classified as “a singer” or “a guitarist” or “a producer”, Lucio Rubino cannot so easily be contained. His musical expression is constant, emanating forth when he’s sitting on stage, his soulful and evocative singing accompanied beautifully by his exquisite finger picking, or when he’s in the control room at his own Fish Tank Studios, bringing his artistic instincts to bear on the creations of others. As a singer, a writer, a guitarist, bassist, and producer, Lucio Rubino creates beauty from silence.

And his track record supports these claims. He rose to the top of the Christian music scene as the lead singer for StorySide:B, a group that released two records to critical and popular acclaim. Lucio co-wrote their hit song “Be Still”, a song that continues to offer solace and peace to legions of fans to this day, and which was awarded BMI’s “Top 5 Most Played Songs on Christian Radio” for 2008. He played bass on Paramore’s “All We Know Is Falling” album, and produced Manic Drive’s latest album, in addition to albums by promising newcomers Lighthouse Music, Lindsey Dedge, and Todd Lombardo.

Lucio may seem to be a jack-of-all-trades – and he does do many things exceptionally well – but they’re all just variations on the same theme. Whether for himself or others, whether behind the microphone or behind the console, he is a passionate creator of music – it’s just what he does.